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      Foshan wotai automotive products Co., Ltd., electric pedal, wonder tech, tulege qx80 surround kit, official website of the pedal behind the pickup
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      ABOUT US

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      Foshan Wonder Tech Auto Accessories Co., Ltd

      Foshan Wonder Tech Auto Accessories Co., Ltd is a specialized developer and manufacturer of Automatic Running Board, Refitting Kit (replaced Patrol with QX80), Pickup Retractable Tonneau Cover, Electric Tail Gate etc. Founded in 2014, Foshan Wonder T…



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      Our strengths

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      Advanced technology team

      Advanced technical team, give you high-quality, high-quality products.

      Years of production experience

      More than 10 years of deep processing of professional products, tolerance/quality guaranteed.

      High-end customization

      Products can be manufactured according to drawings and samples provided by customers

      Provide considerate service

      Solve the customer's after-sales problems in the first time, so that you have no worries



      Fax: :86-757-28662239

      E-mail: sales@bestwyll.com

      Address:Hongqi Industrial Zone, Beijiao San, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong Province

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