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      Foshan wotai automotive products Co., Ltd., electric pedal, wonder tech, tulege qx80 surround kit, official website of the pedal behind the pickup
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      ABOUT US

      Foshan Wonder Tech Auto Accessories Co., Ltd is a specialized developer and manufacturer of Automatic Running Board, Refitting Kit (replaced Patrol with QX80), Pickup Retractable Tonneau Cover, Electric Tail Gate etc. Founded in 2014, Foshan Wonder Tech is located in Sanhongqi Industrial Park in Beijiao, Shunde which covers more than 15,000㎡, with branches in Peking, Guangzhou, Wuhan city. Currently we have brands WEIJIA and BESTWYLL. As an ISO9001:2000, IATF 16949:2016 certified company, our products have been well-received on the market in all corners of China and in lots of foreign countries and regions including North America, South America, the Middle East area and South-East area etc. Since its establishment, Foshan Wonder Tech has been earning good reputation in professional R&D team, high quality and innovative products, quick reaction to the changing market.
          1) Fast in Research & Development
      We have 20 of the top R&D people in this field. All the mold design and manufacturing are done by our team. More than 50 patents have been obtained since establishment.
          2) Fast in Order Processing
      Our professional customer service team provides 24 hours online service. Quick respond in 30 seconds.
          3)Fast in Production
      Numerous advanced mechanical equipment has been used in production, such as imported laser cutting machine, CNC bending machine, large plate shearing machine, large blister machine, high speed punching machine, robot welding machine, automatic packing machine etc. Our annual output is over 80,000 sets currently.
          4)Fast in Delivery
      We have signed cooperation agreement with many logistics companies. Professional high efficiency ERP system has been adopted to fully track on the goods status. Just to ensure your goods can be delivered within 1-3 days in China.
          5)Fast in After-sales Service
      We have independent QC center here equipped with High-Low Temperature Aging Machine, Salt Spray Machine, Vibration Test Machine, Durability Test Machine, Motor Aging Test Machine, ECU Aging Test Machine, Coating Thickness Test Machine etc. With the help of those equipment, we can solve all the problem in-house.
      Foshan Wonder Tech’s fast development owes to its fast and continuous innovation, advanced technology, lean production, short delivery time, high-end equipment and best quality products.
      Thanks to the quality and service guaranties, we could develop fast & stable in this field. Currently our products cover more than 200 hot-sale vehicles and with constant development for 20 new models per month.
      Automatic Running Board:
      1. Independent Intelligent control system with imported IC, fast in reaction, ensure your vehicle always in stable performance when installed our products.
      2. The cable harness is composed of copper core wire, insulating adhesive, Amphenol connector, insulating wrapping material and over-current insurance etc., which features at high temperature resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance.
      3. Waterproof copper core motor, stable, accurate, extra-quiet, quick response performance, contributing your vehicle driving safely in rough weather circumstances, say sand storm or snow.
      4. High strength integrated all-in-one bracket, super weight capacity up to 300kg, sturdy and durable
      5. Fast & Easy Installation with original plug-in connectors,zero damage to the original vehicle, safe and efficient.
      6. Smart and agile stepwise design makes it so convenient to get in/off the car without lowering the vehicle chassis or widening the vehicle body.
      No Details No Success, choice define future. Keeping Good Quality is our eternal principle!
      Company Culture
      Quality is the life of the enterprise; Responsibility is the guarantee of quality.
      To establish excellent corporate culture and to build an outstanding brand name in the auto accessories industry.
      Service policy: professionalism, punctuality and sincerity.
      Quality policy: Technology innovation, Quality consciousness, Scientific management and Sincere service.



      Fax: :86-757-28662239

      E-mail: sales@bestwyll.com

      Address:Hongqi Industrial Zone, Beijiao San, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong Province

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